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January 22, 2013 12:08:35 AM PST
Top stories and weather for Tuesday, January 22, 2013

President Obama attends National Prayer Breakfast
President Obama attends a national prayer breakfast at 7:30 PST this morning. The president and First Lady Michelle Obama danced the night away at several inaugural balls. The president says he will get back to work tomorrow, and among the first challenges is the nation's debt ceiling.


Zacky Farms continues operations
Its also back to work for about a thousand Zacky Farm workers in the Valley who were also facing unemployment when the company went into bankruptcy. However the Zacky family invested their own money to keep the company and all the Valley workers.


A major test in Arizona today for Boeing's Dream Liner jet
The entire Dream Liner fleet is grounded following several scares including a small fire last week when a battery started smoking. Officials will test many parts of the plane to figure out what's wrong with the jet.


Freezing temperatures in the eastern US
Near record low temperatures across most of the Midwest and East Coast this morning. Hundreds of schools have canceled classes as temperatures drop to more than 20 below.


Near record highs in the Valley
Record cold back east and near record highs here at home. It's cold now but temperatures across the Valley will approach 70 degrees.