USPS stops mail delivery on Saturdays, how it will affect Valley

FRESNO, Calif.

The postal service announced this week it will stop Saturday service for first class postage.

You know the saying; the check is in the mail? Come August, that check, the letter from grandma or the vacation postcard from a friend won't arrive on Saturday.

Postmaster General Patrick Donohoe said, "The postal delivery schedule will consist of 6 days of package delivery and 5 days of mail delivery. "

For some, Saturday service has always meant one more chance to get that bill mailed off.

Charles Robinson of Fresno said, "I think I like the sixth day delivery, I just like to get the mail so if I got some bills coming in I can get the check out and pay them."

The owners of the Packaging Solution in northeast Fresno make their money on the mail. The new postal service rules will mean a change for some of their customers.

Packaging Solution owner Brenda Naranjo said, "For us, it probably doesn't impact us a lot, but for our mail box customers it does, because they have a physical address so that means they're not going to get their mail on Saturdays."

Fresno's postmaster Eve Forrest says despite some getting used to it, many customers have seen the end to Saturday service coming. While the check won't be in the mail some crucial packages will.

Forrest said, "Any parcels or medicines or express mail, you'll still receive on Saturday."

Although you won't see as many letter carriers out in your neighborhoods on Saturday, when it comes to your local post office some things will remain the same. For instance, if your local branch is open on Saturdays, it will continue to do so throughout the change.

The end of Saturday service will eliminate 22,000 jobs and save the postal service $2 billion a year.

Mail delivery changes will take effect the week of August 5, 2013.

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