College of the Sequoias may lose accreditation and close doors


Now, that same commission says those issues haven't been fixed and the college has until October to correct them.

Campus is closed at College of the Sequoias for the President's Day weekend, and could be for good at the end of the year if COS administrators don't correct a half dozen problems which could force the college to lose its accreditation.

COS President Stan Carrizosa said "We have an 85 year history, we have key areas where we're the best in the state, but we also have some areas that don't line up with what the accreditation commission wants us to do."

Areas include organizational planning, campus dialogue and research capacity just to name a few.

"We haven't been fast enough or able to sustain it," Carrizosa said.

It now has eight months to correct the problems which are why Carrizosa plans to create an accreditation response task force to address the issues.

"We're going to fight for this college and we're going to save this college," Carrizosa said.

But students of the college said they are concerned it may be too late.

"I think they should have used the last couple years at least to make some progress rather than rush through everything all at once," a student said.

Ramon Torres planned to attend COS this fall to earn enough credits to join the Air Force, and is now worried he may have to apply somewhere else.

Torres said, "If that were to go bad and COS closes down I'd be looking at going to Tulare or somewhere else for my education."

But Carrizosa insists the campus won't close and promises to work with the community to keep it open.

"We got to deal with our reality and that's we're going to have to ensure students, reach out to them," Carrizosa said.

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