Top 10 products draw crowds at World Ag Expo

February 12, 2013 12:00:00 AM PST
Companies which come up with a top 10 new product often find instant connections with the masses at the World Ag Expo in Tulare. Sometimes the sparks fly around these cutting edge items. Multiplaz offers a new way to weld and cut - using rubbing alcohol and water instead of acetylene.

Multiplaz CEO Patricia Lewis-Hansen explained, "The product is revolutionary because first of all you're doing away with gases. All your inert gases you don't have to carry around tanks of any kind."

Joe Hartley of Maui found a better way to quickly fill sandbags. The idea of the SandMaster came to him as he watched crews deal with flooding problems. He devised an attachment which automatically fills and closes the bags.

Hartley said, "Fill them up with sand, rotate it vertical, dump off all the extra material, rotate it horizontal, drive to where you want your sandbags"

Convenience ranked high among our top 10 winners. The weight of hay bales can differ by as much as 20 pounds because of moisture. Freeman makes a hay baler with an automatic scale which ensures uniformity and exact weight.

Jerry Moe of the Freeman company said, "The guys who have used it say it's saving them money because they can maintain the bale weight, especially custom operators."

Unlike those old swamp coolers which relied on wet pads to keep you cool, one system used indirect evaporation to cool the air. L&H Airco branch manager Erik Ahrens said Ag companies could benefit. "Cold storage, processing plants, shops where you're working on vehicles."