Los Banos soldier killed in hit-and-run


Investigators say a truck crashed into Fernando Buenrostro Jr. near a park in the city around 7:30 p.m. Saturday. He was dragged about 200 feet and later died at the hospital.

Investigators are talking with several witnesses who they say are cooperating completely with them, but at this time they only have a brief description of the truck that killed Fernando Buenrostro.

A small memorial continues to grow - near the intersection where.

Fernando Buenrostro was run down and killed. Fernando's friend's huddled together and prayed while his father Fernando Buenrostro, Sr. pleaded for help.

Buenrostro, Sr. said, "They called me and told me to get to Modesto medical as soon as I could because he was not in good shape."

He says the pain of saying goodbye to his son he thought was difficult enough - until he heard the next round of bad news.

"I just went to go say goodbye, and then to find out all the rest of the stuff and how it happened, and that the person who did this just didn't do a single attempt to maybe prevent it. It's very hard to understand that," he said.

Fernando Jr. graduated from Los Banos High School last year in 2012. Soon after, he joined the Army National Guard with hopes of one day becoming a full-time soldier.

Police say Fernando Jr. was riding a scooter on Fairmont Drive near Cardinal Street.

Several people saw the collision but the best description they could come up with was a white or light colored lifted Chevy or Ford pick-up truck.

Sean Bayard of Lost Banos Police Department said, "The cooperation from the public is huge in this case. If we can have anyone who is out there who may have seen or heard, just give us a call."

While the family is asking for help in finding the driver that killed Fernando, they say they are not asking for donations.

They have already heard that some people are trying to take advantage of the situation. They are not asking for help with funeral expenses.

Anyone with information about this case is urged to call the Los Banos Police Department.

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