Groundbreaking for Highway 99 Ave. 12 interchange

FRESNO, Calif.

A popular discount gas station has already been leveled and the earth movers are smoothing the ground to make way for the new interchange which includes a second new overpass and modern entry and exit ramps.

Madera County Supervisor Manuel Nevarez was among those applauding the project for improving Highway 99 and Avenue 12.

The project is being paid for with federal stimulus funds, state approved by voters 7 years ago, and Madera County's Measure T, transportation tax.

Congressman Jim Costa said it is an example of how major transportation projects can get done with many partners, as the money is availabl not unlike the way the nearby high speed rail will be built.

"I just get frustrated when people say gee, when they talk about high speed rail unless all the moneys there we shouldn't build it.

Well if they took that attitude with highway 99 we wouldn't build this project."

Cal Trans says the interchange will make it easier and safer for the 70 thousand cars and trucks that go through here every day, and it will be able to handle the expected doubling of population in this area over the next 20 years.

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