Students get chance to see herding dogs

FRESNO, Calif.

"They are so excited and thrilled, because many of these children do not get to see sheep, and do not get to see the dogs working the sheep," said Barbara Williams, Squaw Valley.

The ladies educate kids across the Central Valley about their working animals and how to treat dogs.

"I find it really amazing how little the children, particularly the inner city children, know about livestock," said Joan Cudd, Clovis.

This event was one of many put on at Agventure Day to teach kids about how the agriculture world affects them.

"The kids that come through here on a daily basis don't really understand where their milk comes from, where their bread comes, where their cereal comes from, so it's a real opportunity for us to teach them, but also careers in agriculture, there are so many careers in agriculture people don't even realize," said Jerry Sinift, International Agri-Center C.E.O.

The Central Valley is known for growing an array of produce and products and that was on hand for kids to snack on. The UC Cooperative Extension also put on a skit to show kids the importance of good nutrition and agriculture.

"So we want to show them, someone grows it, someone processes it, someone eats it. And it helps you to think and learn and grow," said Julie Cates, UC Cooperative Extension.

Organizers say the first Agventure day in Tulare was a real success, and they already can't wait for next year and to teach more students about the agriculture industry in our own backyard.

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