Pom Wonderful employees help clean up Del Rey

FRESNO, Calif.

Employees from Pom Wonderful and other volunteers put in a lot of hard work in Del Rey.

It's not everyday you see an army of people volunteering their time to transform a community.

Tuesday morning employees from Pom Wonderful teamed up with other volunteers from across Fresno County for a day of service in Del Rey.

"To see this, it's like one of those home extreme makeover things. It really is," Rudy Matcham of the Del Rey Boys & Girls Club said.

Rudy Matcham who works at the Boys and Girls Club, was in shock over the amount of work these volunteers put in to bring their park back to life.

"It's amazing if you were here yesterday, this was just a field full of weeds," Matcham said.

Volunteers also spent time at the Boys and Girls Club, cleaning up the space and painting it.

Those who participated in the community service day say it was great to see how the work of many can make a difference.

"We're going to donate over 2,000 hours of community service today alone and its just a way for us to give back," Tracy Formwalt of Pom Wonderful V.P. Manufacturing said.

Those who work and live in the community say the generosity of the volunteers is something they will not forget.

"We're like in awe. This doesn't happen at all. We've never experienced this. I've been here 15years and this is the biggest thing that's hit Del Rey," Matcham said.

With school wrapping up in Del Rey, community advocates say this revitalization couldn't happen at a better time. Now kids and their families can make memories at the park this summer.

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