Aspen Fire officials hold meeting for concerned citizens


The flames are burning about seven miles from Huntington Lake.

An estimated 1,200 firefighters are now battling the blaze, but it is still just 15 percent contained. Smoke continues to roll into Huntington Lake and the surrounding areas. Firefighters say that smoke will continue for several more days and it will get worse. Firefighters also assure the public that the fire will be put out soon.

Firefighters took the time to speak with concerned citizens Sunday afternoon. More than a hundred people showed up at the Lakeshore Resort to find out what fire crews will do next.

David Cooper is leading containment efforts. He says they will soon have the upper hand.

"We have to attack it indirect. That's picking ridges and areas where we know we'll be successful in stopping the fire," Cooper said. "That means the fire lines are going to be a little ways from the fire."

Once the containment lines are set, crews will start burning brush between the perimeter and the fire. It will release more smoke in the area, but it will also take away fuel for the flames. They estimate nearly 22,000 acres will burn before the fire is fully contained.

If all goes as planned, people should have nothing to worry about.

"I feel a lot better. They reassured us a little bit," Said Phil Minnehen a Huntington Lake Resident said.

"Sounds like there's a good knowledgeable crew ad it makes you feel like they have everyone's best interest," said Cindy Nokes, a Huntington Lake visitor.

Firefighters are hopeful the fire will be put out next weekend.

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