Blood trail leads to suspects in Visalia burglary


Sgt. Ozzie Dominguez said, "From what I understand there was a significant amount of blood left at the scene and it was enough that the officers were able to trace that trail back to the residence where the first female suspect was contacted."

Officers showed up at a business on south Court Street just after 4:00 a.m., after a burglar alarm went off. The business manages Little Ceasar's Pizza shops around town.

When officers got on scene they found a large pool of blood and a trail of blood eventually leading them across the street and to the suspect's house.

Sgt. Dominguez said, "We made contact at that location located a female who had suffered some cuts."

Detectives were then led to Kaweah Delta Medical Center, where another suspect was found suffering from cuts.

Within hours, Hailee Evans, Elizabeth Schornick and Dion Thierry were arrested for commercial burglary.

This is the third commercial burglary so far this month. On August second, Great Cuts, on north Cain Street was hit.

Paul Pena added, "You just don't feel safe knowing if in the morning you're going to come and your place or your house or business is going to be broken into."

Sgt. Dominguez says burglaries over all are down in the city of Visalia. In fact numbers plummeted 9-percent when you compare burglaries so far in 2013 to this time last year.

Despite the dip in crime, Paul Pena says Great Cuts has been broken into three times since July.

Officers credit the decline in burglaries to prosecuting more thieves who are responsible for multiple break-ins.

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