Good Sports: Fresno City College Volleyball

FRESNO, Calif.

"For us we define success in terms of getting our athletes to the next level," said Coach Ainger-Schulte. "To the four year level, what they're doing academically and how well we're preparing them for life in general."

"It's not just how she's impacted us as a team, but individually as a person," said FCC Sophomore Valarie Gobby. "How she pushes us to be a better person, and that better person's going to make us a better player."

At 22-4 this season, FCC is playing in the NorCal Regionals after a seventh straight Central Valley Conference title. The Rams went undefeated in the last two conference championships.

"I think that every single one of these girls want to work their best," said FCC Sophomore Brittany Black, "and be the best that they can be. We all want to do it for each other."

Spend a few minutes at practice and you can see the Rams have all the physical tools to succeed. But it's mentally where Ainger-Schulte wants to see a difference.

"As long as we can control what we're doing on our side, we have as good a shot as anybody else," said Coach Ainger-Schulte. "We'll finish it up as champions."

"I think just our work ethic is what makes us mentally strong," said FCC Sophomore Maggie Fitzgerald. "The fact that we'll come in every single day and put in 100 percent, that definitely makes us stronger."

And all that's left for the Rams, is the ever-elusive state championship. A trip to the state tournament last year may be all the motivation FCC needs to finally come out on top.

"It wasn't enough just to get there," said Black. "So this year our focus is to win state rather than just getting there."

"All us being here together, wanting one common goal, I think it's what's getting us there," said Gobby.

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