Fewer Valley families go to Millerton Lake due to Rim Fire smoke


Over the past several days the sky over Millerton Lake has been smoky because of the Rim Fire. Park Rangers say there are fewer people than usual at the lake because of the air quality.

The windy weather and cool water is a huge draw on hot holiday weekends.

"It's just fun because we have had a lot of memories out here boating with family and friends," Kyle Urquhart from Fresno said.

Nine-year-old Kyle and his family love spending time at Millerton Lake. Labor Day weekend is one of busiest times of the year at Millerton Lake. Park rangers saw a dip in visitors over the past several days as the Rim Fire raged on.

"Friday we had the smoke kind of settle in here by the lake it was hazy, you couldn't see across the lake and then by today, it's just been beautiful. No haze, there's no smog in the air," Sgt. Mark De Leon, form California State Parks said.

Those who showed up at Millerton Lake Sunday were thrilled about the bright blue sky.

"Looked outside and it's looks great! We're going to have a good day," Scott Urquhart, from Fresno said.

Throughout the day patrol rangers stopped anyone speeding and educated people on water safety. They are urging everyone on a boat to wear a life vest.

Park rangers are asking everyone who comes to the lake to pay attention to all the water signs. Remember Millerton Lake gets very deep so if you can't swim stay out of the water, and if you have young children make sure they are supervised at all times.

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