No talks scheduled in government shutdown

October 2, 2013 12:00:00 AM PDT
We are now in day two of the government shutdown, and congressional lawmakers are refusing to negotiate.

Local congressmen are weighing in on the shutdown that's brought parts of the government to a standstill.

Democratic Congressman Jim Costa of Fresno said Republicans who don't support the Affordable Care Act are now gambling with the nation's economy. "Shutting the government is not a proper way to amend it because there are so many other priorities that are critical for our nation and we need a budget."

Republican Congressman Devin Nunez said the standoff could last a while because the deadline to raise the country's debt ceiling is coming up in two weeks. "This is not the place I wanted to be but we also have the rollout of the president's new healthcare law, Obamacare, which seems to have a lot of problems."

Our exclusive Action News Poll shows 39 percent of people blame the president for the federal government shutdown, 41 percent blamed republicans in congress, and 8 percent blamed both.