Valley teen gets 60 years in prison for shooting woman, 91, in the face

FRESNO, Calif.

Oscar Soto, 19, wasn't even an adult when he cased-out the Millers home in San Joaquin, shot out a window and confronted the mother and daughter. Although it is unlikely he will ever be free, the victims were not happy to hear he may get a resentencing hearing in 25 years.

The victim said Friday Soto is scum. According to his Soto's attorney Soto may be young enough to be rehabbed if he changes his life while in prison. Marilyn Miller isn't convinced. She and her mother awoke two years ago to find Soto confronting them in a dark hallway and shooting her elderly mom.

"What he did was horrendous, it was horrible. He would've killed me too if he didn't run out of bullets. He is an animal and I wish he would've gotten life without parole," victim Marilyn Miller said.

Judge Jane Cardoza handed down a sentence of 60 years to life in prison. But Soto is eligible for parole after 25 years. She based that decision on a recent case that's similar out of Southern Calif. judges in that case ruled minors accused of these crimes should be eligible for parole earlier.

The possibility of him ever being free is outraging to Miller, who still is afraid in her own home.

"I'm upset about that, I just hope that god will take care of him. God will take care of him. What goes around comes around. He will get his, that's all I have to say," Marilyn Miller said.

Soto had no reaction to the punishment.

His mother, Eugenia Valdez cried at times during the hearing. She was also charged as an accessory after the crime- for hiding and concealing her son from deputies. Last month, she was sentenced to three years in prison but with time served- she is now free.

The Millers hope Soto lives out the rest of his life in prison, for planning and carrying out a home invasion and then shooting and robbing them of their possessions and security.

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