Stolen 400-pound piece of wood stumps Visalia police


Greg Smith shows us where one of two 400-pound oak tree rounds was stolen from his driveway this week.

A trail of saw dust led right out of his driveway and took a hard left to what investigators believe was a waiting truck, ready to take off with it. Police believe it would have taken several people to carry it away.

Capt. Jason Salazar said, "No matter what kind of neighborhood it is we ask neighbors to be vigilant and keep an eye out for each other."

Visalia police have been working closely with people who live in the Beverly Glen area of town, after the neighborhood fell victim to three home burglaries in one day. Then, police got a tip that it could be a criminal known to officers for these types of crimes.

"Information we got from that investigation led us to his arrest about a week later along with two other accomplices of his for those burglaries," explained Capt. Salazar.

Just a month later the neighborhood was hit with another burglary. This time a woman came home to someone in her house. Police arrested that suspect the same day.

People who live in Beverly Glen are glad police are working with them to fight crime, but are hoping they can turn efforts around so they're able to prevent crime.

Jackie Jones Siegenthaler added, "The recent events have been especially unfortunate because we've been communicating with law enforcement and each other and it's still continuing to be an issue."

Smith said, "It's just things have gotten worse and they can only do so much."

Visalia police say they have increased patrols in the area. Neighbors say they're doing their own patrols too, and calling police about anyone they think looks suspicious.

If you have any information on who might have stolen the wood, you're asked to call Visalia police.

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