Foothill residents preparing for freezing temps


Jared Aminoff bought a propane tank. He's banking on it to fuel his heater during the forecasted freeze. "It's very cold. I am actually just living up the street on top of a mountain and it is right where the wind is coming down. I mean it is freezing," said Aminoff.

Checks out lines at Oakhurst's True Value Hardware were busy. Cold weather staples were hot sellers leading up to the dramatic drop in temperatures. "For instance on our pipe wrap, we had a three month supply on hand and it basically sold real fast," said Ray Peck.

Investing in pipe insulation could prevent a burst and save your money in the long run. "If you have exposed pipes you definitely want to have them wrapped, otherwise your pipes will definitely freeze," added Peck.

Action News spoke with a home builder who works outdoors in Mariposa. The chilly weather is really impacting those who live there. "We are about 3,000 feet up so we get the worst of the weather. We didn't get the niceness you experience. It's just been miserable," said Chris Cook.

Experts say if you're traveling into the higher elevations, always be ready for a storm. "Winterizing is not only to prepare your car but to prepare yourself. A lot of people don't realize that you get up here; the weather can change in a heartbeat," said Dan Walker.

Walker who owns an auto repair shop is reminding drivers to make sure their cars are serviced, especially the battery and to test out the tire pressure. He sees a lot of travelers in the foothills caught off guard by the freezing weather on the way to Yosemite. "If you are going to be up here in the winter time you want to make sure your car is prepared and you're prepared by having food and warm clothing and tire chains," added Walker.

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