FUSD reaches impasse on contract talks with FTA

FRESNO, Calif.

The Fresno Unified School District has now declared an impasse on contract talks.

For weeks both sides have fought over a number of issues including pay raises, extending the length of school days and reducing class sizes.

FUSD Superintendent Michael Hanson has offered an 8.2 percent pay raise to teachers over the next three years. But the 3,600 teachers who haven't had a raise since 2008 believe they deserve more.

"We are going to unilaterally declare impasse because we do not have near enough movement in the process so we feel we need outside help to bring us together. We are quite far apart in a couple of different areas," said Hanson.

"We are very disappointed; we are disappointed in the school board for shutting down the talks at the bargaining table. We are willing to work and put in the hard work to come to an agreement which is best for our district," said FTA's Eva Ruiz.

The FTA does not have any plans to go on strike. If no agreement is reached between both sides, a final contract could come down as late as June.

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