Gas prices in Fresno near $4 a gallon

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Gas prices in Fresno and California are soaring.

Patrick DeHaan, with GasBuddy, explained gas prices are up significantly from last month.

Valley drivers are noticing the hike in prices. In just the last day, gas has gone up over three cents.

Marvin Garrison, a driver, said the uptick will really impact him.

"I'm a dishwasher at Texas Roadhouse here in town. I don't make a lot of money and this thing drinks gas like water," he explained.

Many drivers stopped at the Arco gas station on Clinton in Fresno because, compared to the other two gas station in the area, it had the least expensive gas.

"It's getting expensive. I'm getting everyone a bicycle or something. I don't know. I'm going to try to figure something out," said driver Robbie Whitaker

DeHaan said the demand for gas is high, and supplies are low because refineries are going through maintenance and another is not fully up and running due to a mishap.

"They (refineries) operate under tremendous heat and pressure 24/7," he said "In this case the Phillips 66 caught fire and is partial down because of that fire."

In the Valley, there is a huge variation of gas prices, nearly a $1 difference.

"Prices have risen so dramatically that stations that bought gas more recently are paying a far higher price and they probably are charging a far higher price this is the perfect scenario for why motorist should shop, some stations may still have cheaper gas," DeHaan said.

Prices are expected to continue to rise because the valley still has not switched out to the more expensive summer blend of gas.

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The uptick in gas prices comes just ahead of a tax increase that is set to take effect in July.
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