Baskin-Robbins worker bravely unarms robber after he pulls a knife

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Sunday, December 9, 2018
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Bakin Robbins bravely dearms robber after he pulls a knife

A clever move behind the counter helped a pair of Baskin-Robbins employees take on a suspect in Washington.

"We watched it after and I was like, Oh my gosh, you fought him!" Leslie says she was ready to assist a customer who walked in when he reached over the counter and held a knife to her stomach demanding cash.

That is when her co-worker calmly walks over and tells the man to settle down as he opens the register.

But while reaching for the cash, the suspect let his guard down and put his knife on the counter allowing Leslie's co-worker to grab it and threaten him with it before they start fighting.

"I told him he was a hero and I bought him a cup and said you're awesome! Stay like that," Leslie said.

The suspect only managed to get away with six dollars and fortunately neither employee was injured.

Police are still searching for the suspect who has also hit two other restaurants.