Racial slurs painted on Black-owned business in Tower District

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Racial slurs were painted on a Black-owned business in the Tower District Saturday morning.

Iron Bird Fitness owner Samuel Akoidu says the vandalism took place on the back entrance near the parking lot. This is the location where everyone enters to get into the establishment.

The image included racial slurs as well as a skeleton with a noose around the neck on one of the gym doors.

It was discovered by one of the employees -- who filed a police report.

Akoidu says it was a cowardly gesture for whoever did it. He wants to protect the building as a safe space for his members.

"I don't know, maybe for people who haven't been hardened by this year, it would bother them," he said. "But like, this has been a tough year, and so that is just like it's nothing. All it does is just make us more committed to getting stronger and overcoming everything that we face."

Right now, he's trying to raise money to put a mural on the back door -- over the painted vandalism picture.

The Fresno Police Department is investigating.
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