Employees sharing anonymous reviews on job websites

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A game room with pinball machines and a popcorn popper--liven up a day in the office at "FreightCenter."

The company says all these new perks are a result of executives reading employees' anonymous reviews on job websites.

"We've learned that that's kind of the best tool to gauge what we need to change," said Director of Marketing Communications Terese Kerrigan.

The company also improved its 401k plan and offered more flexible schedules after reviewing some employee comments from the "suggestion box".

"We take those to our management team and decide --are those things that are worthwhile to our culture? Things that would ultimately change how our employees feel about us."

We also found online job sites, like "Glassdoor", allow employees to write anonymous reviews about their companies.

"I think it's a new normal," said Samantha Zupan.

Our review of some online "reviews" found some employees give glowing compliments about their workplaces. This survey found 16 percent shared criticism or negative online comments about an employer.

Glassdoor says most companies want workers to be happy and that is why so many are taking the reviews to heart.

"You see companies throwing parties to help celebrate when they win Best Places to Work, or CEOs expressing their gratitude when they're nominated and selected as a highest rated CEO's purely because of the feedback that their employees have," said Kerrigan.

FreightCenter says they implemented so many changes after reflecting on reviews that some employees who left the company came back.

"We find that happy people are just more productive," said Zupan.
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