Travelers booking trips where the true purpose is to 'get lost'

Michelle Semple could find her way around pretty much any place on earth but sometimes, she looks to get lost, on purpose.

See where we can go, and see what we could find and what adventures were out there," said Semple.

At a time when we constantly turn to our smart devices for directions, some people look to take the path less traveled.

"We're going back to turning off our maps. We're turning off our web search. We're meeting the locals," said Keryn Means.

Means of says this trend has us connecting to people instead of devices-and is the difference between being a tourist and a true traveler.

"It's those types of encounters and memories that aren't in any guidebook, aren't in any map on your phone, and will never be in any turn- by-turn direction on your digital device," said Means.

There are now web sites offering tips and how-to's. Even tour companies that charge thousands of dollars to get you lost, such as "Black Tomato".

"They are whisked off onto a private jet or a helicopter and dropped into somewhere amazing, usually rather remote, and given an emergency kit," said Means.

Travel experts say it is a trend all groups are trying, young and old, rich and not so wealthy.

"You don't even have to go abroad to do something like this. You can go to the next town over," said Means.

"You definitely learn more about yourself. When you do these self-adventures you know what are your limitations or what's your comfort zone," said Semple.
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