Fresno tiny house business quickly rising in demand and popularity

FRESNO, Calif. -- Inside the California Tiny House headquarters, employees are piecing together their latest tiny house.

It's a trend that's kept this Fresno business busy.

"They're starting to accept them more and more," says Nick Mosley, the co-owner. "Not only are they accepting them, but they are full-on backing them. The city of L.A. just recently passed an ordinance allowing full-time livability for tiny houses as ADU's. Fresno passed it a couple of years back, so we also have San Luis Obispo."

Mosley says they receive orders from across California, and as more communities accept the tiny homes, demand goes up.

"I think the biggest root behind why people want tiny homes is the cost of living in California is skyrocketing," Mosley said. "There's less options out there."

Prices start at $30,000 and have gone up to $150,000. A recent project has retractable doors that open up to a 350 square foot home.

California Tiny House has started a non-profit to help schools that want to build homes and donate them. Another new part of the business is educating students.

"We're writing curriculum for every high school in the nation if they want to participate in a tiny house build in their school, Mosley said.

Tiny House has worked with many schools in the Valley. They've even hired local students like Michael Avila.

"What I like about it is how something so small can become so big and turns into something like a house that someone can live in," Avila said. "It's crazy because now I want one."

Owners say the tiny home industry continues to grow at an astounding rate, and they don't see it slowing down anytime soon.

Since it started, California Tiny Homes has manufactured more than 100 homes. This year they're already on track to build even more homes.