Fresno Rescue Mission CEO says community program helps the homeless with more than a meal

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- On a Sunday morning men at the Fresno Rescue Mission prep the kitchen for meals.

But down the street a group of homeless people were being fed by several different groups of good Samaritans.

"Our city has a tremendous heart and wanting to serve. The problem is that sometimes we can serve in ways that make the problem worse," said Matt Dldine, CEO of Fresno Rescue Mission.

That's why Dildine is encouraging people to take part in Mission at the Mission. Groups can spend a night or two at their Urban Retreat Center.

"We are going to show you what's going on out on the street. We are going to show you the process of how life transformation occurs. We are going to go through what are healthy examples and what are unhealthy examples in terms of how to serve and we are going to allow you to serve," he said.

He says during the holidays is the perfect time because a lot of people are on vacation. Plus this is also when the community is extremely giving.

"Right now there are people serving meals out on the street and that means they are not coming to us or the Poverello House next door," Dildine said.

Dildine wants to educate as many groups through "Mission at the Mission" to show how their programs can have a positive impact on someone.

"Our services don't stop at a meal. A meal is never just a meal but when you serve it out there they (the homeless) get to stay out there or they are eating 5 or 6 times because everything that's happening," he said.

By participating, he hopes it creates a partnership and those involved walk away with a bit more knowledge.

"We need a population that is informed and engaged. I guarantee you that every person out there, there is an opportunity for them to transform somebody else's life," he said.

There is a fee to take part in the retreat however it does depend on the group.
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