McLane High School breaking in newly improved stadium

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Friday morning was a first for McLane High School football players. For the first time ever, they got to practice on their newly renovated stadium.

"We are the first ones to play on it, so we want to leave our mark," said Running Back Joseph Long.

It feels different.

"Grass is a little bit more softer, compared to this new turf, because it is a little bit more stable," said Offensive lineman Ulises Sanchez.

It is exciting.

"My first thoughts were, "ooh, this is nice. We really get to play on this? and they really did all of this for us?"," questioned Long.

For the last year, crews have been busy working on modernizing the stadium. Accessibility was improved along with utilities and a new sound system was installed. The biggest and most noticeable change is the new synthetic turf, allowing athletes to practice and play year-round.

"When we come back down here, in December, January, after the rain, it will still feel brand new," said FUSD Athletic Director Brett Mar.

A renovated stadium was something the school wanted for years. The District Superintendent and the school board helped drive that dream down the field and into reality. Now students can perform all their activities on campus.

"Our student-athletes, our band, our music, P.E, NJROTC programs haven't had a place they are able to use for practice, training and this gives them an opportunity to be able to stay on our school site. Kids no longer have to walk to Scan or Duncan," said McLane Principal Brian Wulf.

Next up for the stadium is a new video display board which will soon be installed.
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