New Valley facility for people with mental health issues under construction

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- In Southeast Fresno, construction is underway on a treatment facility designed to help the growing problem of mental illness in our community.

The involuntary referral center will help fill a huge void in the community for the hundreds of Fresno County residents who might otherwise be forced out of the area, to Los Angeles or the Bay Area, for psychiatric health assessment and treatment.

"It'll support adults who are suffering from mental health issues to help keep them stable," said Jennifer Seidel of Central Star Behavioral Health. "It will help them with medication needs, and link them to other services they might need, so we're really excited."

Central Star Behavioral Health has been tabbed by the County to run the 16-bed Crisis Residential Treatment Center and needs to hire about 100 staffers prior to this summer's grand opening.

"We're looking to fill all positions from entry level, to positions with skills to education and masters degrees, from supervisors, direct care staff positions," said Seidel.

According to officials, Fresno County has seen a rise in mental health cases in recent years, so the hope is facilities like these will help ease the emotional and financial toll on families.

"They usually go to a hospital, and they're released back to their family, and they still need some more skills and support so its nice that they will have a place to stay and have all of that support," said Seidel.

You can apply for the jobs in person at Monday's job fair.

It will take place from 9 am until 4 pm at 2934 N Fresno St, Fresno CA 93703.

100 positions need to be filled before July 1st.
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