Concerns over campus safety led Fresno State to buy personal alarms for students

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The colorful devices attached to backpacks on campus are not fashion items-- but they are loud. Campus Housing Director Erin Boele has been handing out e-alarms to students to give them an extra layer of security.

"Many of them walk to night classes. Many of them walk back and forth to apartments or to their cars and we really just want them to be aware of their surroundings and this device helps them if they're feeling threatened."

The device sets off a 120 decibel alarm.

Karli Toome's dad was about to buy her one when she found out she could get one for free at the campus atrium.

"I feel it's a pretty safe campus, but say if I was to go off-campus or something I like to have it just to have security. Make sure nothing happen-- if something does I have it with me."

Some students attached their alarms to a water bottle; others put them on their key rings.

"Definitely I'm going to put it on my key ring. I mean, walking around here at night, like in the parking lot sometimes it's sketchy so having something like this definitely makes me feel safer," said Senior Haley Chapman.

Fresno State bought 2,000 of the mini-alarms from The company's PR Director Mya Papolu told us several campuses around the country have done the same.

"Sound is a powerful means to alert people and in a way it's preventative. It's not about response it's about prevention in the first place."
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