Historic bar moved to new location in Downtown Fresno

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A historic bar was moved Tuesday morning through the streets of Downtown Fresno after it was restored.

For several blocks, the 700-pound bar, which was built in the 1930's, was wheeled from the Downtown Fresno business where it was fixed up and refurbished to its new home on Ventura and O Streets.

Maneuvering the masterpiece was a challenge. But after considering how risky it would be to load the wooden bar on a truck Michael Anderson, of Anderson Woodworking, decided the safest way to transport it was manually through the streets.

"I went as far as calling the Highway Patrol and Police Department. I thought maybe I might get clearances. They seemed to think it was okay as long as we had a flagger in the front and back, which we did."

Around the turn of the century, the Lanfranco's opened up the Cosmopolitan Tavern and Italian Grill. The bar has been the centerpiece of the popular restaurant.

"My dad and great uncle had it made in 1937 by the Murray Showcase. My dad left that to me and I want to leave it to my son Joe," said Gary Lanfranco, Cosmopolitan Owner.

"It's kind of like the cornerstone of our business. It's been there for generations so it's definitely something we want to make a big part of our new building," said Joe Lanfranco, Cosmopolitan Owner.

Restoring it to its original luster took weeks.

"The columns and the deck and countertop was in really bad shape, so we stripped it down and put some dye stains. Kinda brought in some yellows and golds," said

The stress and anxiety finally ended when the bar was lifted into place. Without a scratch.

Aside from the classic bar, the only other things moving from the old location are a few stoves.

The owner said customers can expect the same food and great service when the Cosmopolitan reopens for business sometime next week.
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