Get lunch delivered to work and help a good cause

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Salads and tri-tip sandwiches are just the handful of items that are being boxed up and ready to go out to customers at businesses across Fresno.

"Snacks to you is ahead of its time, in the fact that we were doing this 15 years ago, doing the mobile food getting into places and offering the convenience of getting lunch without professionals having to step outside of their office. It is cumbersome in the fact that it takes time away from your desk and the work you're doing," said Doug Middleton, vocation plus connection President and CEO.

Vocation Plus Connection in Fresno runs Snacks To You. The food is prepared by certified cooks at the Clovis Culinary Center and the employees through VPC box up the food and take it out.

The organization helps adults with developmental disabilities.

"This whole service is providing jobs to our adults with challenges. We have them work with our coaches and deliver. This helps them learn working skills," said Cecilia Perez, Snacks to You Operator.

Prices range from $4 for a sandwich. It's recommend you pre-order, but they sell on site to hungry customers.

Stephanie Sienze has worked with the program for three years and has enjoyed interacting with people. She also likes their food and says the customers have their favorites.

"The bacon breakfast burrito those ones are famous, everyone likes that one," said Stephanie Sienze, worker.

Snacks to You employs about 30 to 40 people and a majority work on sales routes throughout Fresno.

"So it's a pretty neat opportunity for our folks to get in there and be able to interact, learn how to operate a tablet, food sales, giving change back to customers and establishing relationships with people over time," Middleton said.

Snacks to You also has a storefront at the Hive in downtown Fresno.

Their hope is to help these workers develop skills so one day they can get a job in the community.

Snacks to you serve 85 businesses and are looking forward to serving more. You can contact vocation plus connection for more information.
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