Cordless drill - best gift you never knew you needed

It may not seem like the most romantic gift but Consumer Reports says a cordless drill is one of the more useful and practical tools and almost everyone can use it.

To help you buy smart, Consumer Reports drills down with new cordless drill recommendations.

In addition to that handy person on your list drills are a great gift for that budding DIY-er or new homeowner. Consumer Reports just tested 26 cordless drills and says they're more powerful than ever.

Consumer Reports Home Editor, Sara Morrow said, "The newest cordless drills we've tested are so good you'll probably never need to use a corded one again."

To see how they handle, testers perform some basic tasks. Then, testers check their work with this machine - the dynamometer.

It has the ability to control the torque applied to a drill during testing so testers can accurately evaluate power, speed, and runtime.

Not surprisingly, drills with 18-volt batteries and larger were the most powerful.

A $200 Dewalt earned a Best Buy rating. It offers plenty of power and speed for the seriously handy person on your list.

However, Consumer Reports found some 12-volt models that have plenty of power for common tasks.

"So a lighter use drill for hanging art or putting together ready to assemble furniture is a great option for a new homeowner or young person with a new apartment," Morrow said.

For $160 Bosch offers the best of both worlds.

"You know it's light and easy to handle but it can also deliver when you need a little more power for something like hanging shelves or even installing kitchen cabinets."

For less money, Consumer Reports also recommends the $100 Ridgid 12-volt drill. Its battery doesn't provide as much runtime as the other recommended drills but it's very good when it comes to delivering speed and power.

It might not be what everyone's asking for, but Consumer Reports says you can never go wrong giving the gift of a cordless drill this holiday season!
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