Explosive start to the Valley's fire season

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- California's fire season is staying true to its name.

Cal Fire PIO Jeremiah Wittwer says, "As of last Monday, there were over 1,700 fires across the state."

As tree mortality rates climb and temperatures continue to heat up, Cal Fire is working with Fresno County, Caltrans, and even PG&E on preventative measures. They say there's something you can do to give them a fighting chance, as long as you're careful.

Wittwer adds, "Over the last two weeks we've had a few fires by people trying to do the right thing, but they're doing it at the wrong time."

Maintaining defensible space and the equipment used to do so.

The most recent county fire burned three acres, Monday, after an Auberry homeowner was trying to mow dry grass. That was the same cause as last Sunday's Frazier fire. The warning isn't limited to the foothills and mountains.

Fresno Fire Captain, Robert Castillo says, "This is our 161st grass fire this year. We anticipate a very busy grass season as well. We're gearing up for it and preparing for the heat."

Fresno City Fire crews battled two grass fires Monday. The first burned 15 acres, on California, between Delno and Fruit. They had to set backfires to prevent the spread to the nearby streets.

The other burned one acre off Herndon and Monroe. Crews battled steep terrain.

While the cause of both are under investigation, they had one common factor, heavy dry brush.

Castillo adds, "A lot of the weeds got that second growth period, a little boost, right there at the end when we had those later rains.

Cal Fire's "Ready for Wildfire" App has tips and tools for preventative measures. It also sends out incident and evacuation information should a wildfire happen near you.
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