Couple claims police allowed Indian tribe to kidnap newborn from hospital

KENDALL, Florida -- The parents of a newborn claim that she was taken from the hospital by an Indian tribe in southern Florida.

On Sunday, officials say the Miccosukee tribe police used a tribal court order to kidnap the baby from her parents Rebecca Sanders and Justin Johnson.

The couple says the order was driven by Sanders' mother who did not want the baby to be raised by Johnson, who is white.

"This is a woman who numerous times has told Rebecca straight to her face, 'I'll shoot that white man.' But I didn't think she was evil enough to do something like this to her own daughter," Johnson said.

Florida senator Marco Rubio says he is in contact with federal officials.

He called the incident a kidnapping, and said that if the tribe doesn't return the child right away, "things won't end well" for them.

An emergency hearing in tribal court is set for Thursday.
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