First major storm of year hits the Foothills, Mariposa County

MARIPOSA, Calif. (KFSN) -- The rain in Mariposa County is the reason Highway 140 leading into Yosemite National Park is closed.

Caltrans has the area blocked off with concerns the storm will cause possible flooding and mudslides in burn scar areas left behind from last year's two months long Ferguson Fire.

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That fear is leaking into the park as well; National Park officials sent out a tweet saying that all roads in Yosemite will close Wednesday night because of the storm.

Not great news for Cody Reeves and Tim Sensing. The two Virginia law students did not anticipate weather like this when they made the cross-country trip 12 days ago.

"We got into town at around noon or 1 p.m. today and saw the reports of the incoming storm, our first thought was we have to get into the park and see everything that we want to see because tomorrow is not going to be a great park day," said Cody Reeves

But it was a great day for this hardware store in Oakhurst.

The manager says they were busy all the day with people stopping by to prepare for the storm.

"It's been a lot of flashlights today, you know tarps, sand, sandbags waders, wood pellets, they are definitely getting ready," said Craig Hefner.

Mary Christiansen was one of the many customers.

She lives in Mariposa and made the trek down to get this big bag of food for her pets.

"We were out, and our doggies are important, and they need to prepare too"

Meantime, the California Highway Patrol is encouraging people who do not need to be on the roads to stay off of them. The conditions from the first significant storm of the year are starting to show.

"There has been some rockslides and mudslides already. Caltrans has been able to keep up with it and keep it clear, but with the heavy rainfall and wind they are going to close it preemptively," said a CHP official.

It is unclear how long Highway 140 will be closed.

The last time the highway closed was last November, and it was closed because of storms.
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