Farmer uses art to help fund new wells for fellow 81-year-old Valley farmer

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Paul Buxman says playing the viola helps heal his soul.

"Music goes in and without you realizing it, your heart's open," he said.

Fresno farmer Will Scott saw that first hand.

"People like Paul who step up and see there's a need, regardless of who you are," he said.

When Scott's well ran dry on his Fresno farm in 2015, Buxman offered to help, even though his own wells were drying up because of the drought.

"He said, 'I had given up and I consider your phone call today a voice of God.'" Paul said.

Buxman helped raise $30,000, enough for Will to put in a new ag and domestic well on his 40-acre farm.

"I haven't had a chance to say publicly how I appreciate the people who participated," Scott said. "You really lifted me up."

Paul paints during the winter. His Drill 4 Will fundraiser in which he sold prints was a masterpiece.

"Paul is an amazing artist," Scott said.

Will now has enough water to expand his offerings.

"Well this year, I guess I have to prove myself how," he said. "I'm either a farmer or I'm just out here as a hobby."

Buxman was inspired when he heard Scott teaches kids in West Fresno how to farm.

"It's important to me whatever knowledge I've acquired, because it doesn't belong to me, I need to share it," Scott said.

They both share a love for the land.

"He is right out of the south and so his my family out of Arkansas on my mom's side," Buxman said. "All of Will's things are things that we grow."

Black-eyed peas, okra, broccoli and cabbage.

Buxman ended up putting his farm into a special trust and used the funds to pay off his own wells.

His half-acre of fruit still allows him to make jam.

"Make jam, do paintings, play music," he said.
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