Bulldog Breakdown: Former track and field star now teaching Fresno State students

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- When Dr. Brandon Taylor first heard about Fresno State, he didn't know much about being a Bulldog.

"All I knew at the time was the basketball team and Chris Herren," he said. "They were on TV all the time."

But now it's hard to imagine him in any color other than Bulldog Red.

"I walk on campus every day and I tell my students, 'I've literally been in the seats that you are in.'"

A Phoenix native who moved around a lot growing up, Taylor ended up coming to Fresno State as a long jumper on the track and field team in the late 90s.

"I came to Fresno State as a walk-on in 1997," he said. "Primarily long jump, also competed in triple jump and high jump. Through competitions and leadership, I ended up being a team captain."

That choice to come to Fresno State led to more than just success in sports.

"You hear folks say it was the best decision of their life, but for me, it probably was," he said.

Taylor met his wife at Fresno State, started a family in the Central Valley and is now serving as an assistant professor at the Department of Recreation Administration, teaching students who want to go into a number of career paths, including community work and parks and rec departments.

That choice to come to Fresno State has led to over 20 years wearing Bulldog red and although he now knows everything about being a Bulldog, he may be wearing other colors once in a while.

"My oldest just got into UC Merced, so I keep teasing him that since 1997, I will not have worn another university's colors," he said. "I'll have to wear a bit of blue and gold, but I've been wearing red and blue and white for the last 24 years. So it's going to take some getting used to."
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