Fresno State task force to discuss fate of this year's football season

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- This week the head of the Cal State system said that in-person classes are not likely to happen in the fall.

It was unclear whether that includes student athletes and if it doesn't, whether a football season will be played.

Fresno State has a task force that will make a recommendation to university president Joseph Castro on the 22nd.

On Thursday, athletic director Terry Tumey met with Action News virtually.

He said he's encouraged by seeing pro baseball in Korea, Arizona opening up to sports and other states across the country slowly starting to open.

"All of those little points, believe it or not, start to make a great campaign for us to return to where we were," he said.

Tumey also addressed questions about the possibility that there may not be an athletic season.

"It keeps me up at night. I have looked at what our department looks like without an athletic season and what our community looks like without an athletic season," he said.
"From a fiscal perspective, we would want to not go down the path of any kind of elimination of programs. To say that those types of considerations have not been talked about would be a little bit far-fetched because we see what's happening throughout our nation. So we would hope to not have to go there but I would also say that that (cutting programs) would be a last resort."

Tumey added that details such as the possibility of limited entry into Bulldog Stadium should a football season take place would come after the task force comes out with their recommendation to Castro.
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