Photojournalism project gets Fresno State students talking

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A photojournalism project at Fresno State asks students to step out of their comfort zone and speak to at least 100 people before the semester ends.

It's called the "100 Strangers Project," and the assignment asks students to talk to strangers and ask to take their photograph. Several students had their photos displayed at Arte Americas Sunday in downtown Fresno.

Professor Jes Therkelsen assigned the project, and he said the project plays a big role in improving their social and photographic skills. "The type of improvement that I can see over the semester from the very first stranger to their hundredth stranger is dramatic," Therkelsen said. "It's incredibly dramatic."

This year the class had 21 students do the project, including one of our ABC30 interns, Gilbert Magallon.
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