Valley business offers new cooling trend to help people get into shape

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Some people are trying unconventional methods to get fit in 2020.

"Cryoskin is a cold body sculpting treatment. So it helps with targeting stubborn fat in the body in a localized area. So it helps tighten the skin," said Mindy Kau, technician.

Kaur is using cyroskin, a new machine, and technique, to help her client look and feel her best.

"It can go up past negative eight degrees Celsius. Pretty cold, but not as quite as cold as our chamber, it's a different type of cold," Kaur said.

Cyroskin comes following whole body cryotherapy, a super cooling process.

Valley CryoSport started with its chambers in the Valley several years ago.

"What cryotherapy does is exposes the body to subzero temperatures, negative 130," said owner Steve Votaw. "What that does is put the body into a cold shock, which causes a fight or flight. It pushes 90 percent of the blood flow to the core."

Votaw says the cold therapy helps with recovery. He recently relocated his business inside Crunch Fitness.

The partnership allows gym members a chance to use red light therapy and cryotherapy for cost.

"This is an alternative to other pain management techniques," Votaw said.

The Federal Drug Administration has not cleared or approved any cryo device for medical treatment or conditions.

It warns people to discuss the method with your doctor before trying the cooling trend.

CryoSport will host a wellness and health fair on January 23 for those who are interested in alternative options.
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