Combination of flu and allergies making many in Valley feel sick

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- As the days turn warmer, more and more people are heading outside to soak in the sun.

But the rise in temperatures also arrives with a warning label for those who struggle with allergies.

Just like clockwork, Jessica Guerra says her allergies spike every year around this time.

"With the pollen in the air, in spring, I get a stuffy nose, I get the sinus pressure across the forehead, and sometimes my asthma starts acting up."

That's why she's visiting Dr. A.M. Aminian at the Allergy Institute in North Fresno.

"Sometimes its kind of hard to distinguish if I have a cold or is it just allergies."

Jessica is not alone in her attempt to self-diagnose.

So how can you tell the difference?

"When you have a cold you're very fatigued you may have a dull headache, the body tells you... you don't feel good, with the allergies you can still be functional," said Dr. Aminian.

But it's a problem that doesn't really ever go away for most allergy sufferers.

Especially with trees and wildflowers blooming all around us here in the Valley right now.

"If you do have the symptoms, or do get exposed to the high pollen count, as soon as you come home, just do a nasal wash," said Dr. Aminian.

And even though flu season is declining, health experts still recommend flu shots for the unvaccinated while strains continue to circulate.

"The flu virus and asthma they have a lot of affinity, so not only do you get very sick from the flu, but your asthma will act up and it'll be an additional burden to your body," said Dr. Aminian.
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