Good posture desk workout

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Desk exercises that can help you feel better and keep your body healthy.

They say computer work is the new smoking. It is very hard on your posture. It wrecks your midline and makes you feel exhausted.

Take a few breaks and do a few stretches during your computer work to help you feel better and keep your body healthy. A neck stretch will help you with your tension. You want to first sit up tall in your seat. With your chin tall stretch your chin out then slowly pull it back hold it for a little bit. Bringing your chin back is more important as we tend to stick our neck out like a turtle when we're on the computer or phone. Try to do this about 5 times.

The next exercise is shoulder shrugs bring your shoulders up then bring them down very slow and controlled. The important part of this exercise is bringing your shoulders down.

The last exercise is a seated pelvic tilt. You want to arch your lower back in an exaggerated motion. Then press your lower back into your chair it will help the fatigue in your lower back.

It is also important to get up and walk around from time to time to get blood flowing in your lower body.
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