No citations issued at city parks over Easter weekend

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Despite locks on entrance gates and closed parking lots, for those willing to enter on foot, parks across the City of Fresno are back open to those wishing to spend some leisure time outdoors.

"The decision was made well in advance of the weekend, at least those two days on Easter weekend when we know parks really get slammed with activity, that we were going to close them down to relieve the temptation for folks out there to gather in groups anyway shape or form," said City of Fresno Spokesperson Mark Standriff.

Parks were empty over the weekend as city officials say residents embraced the "Stay at Home" spirit. No citations were issued to those breaking the rules.

"We had no issues at Woodward," Standriff said. "We had no issues at Roeding. We surveyed basically 60 parks around the city and everyone did what we asked them to do. It was a great weekend."

Fresno Police added that despite numerous inquiries from the public, they are not enforcing any kind of curfew on adults in the city.

While families can once again ride bikes or walk the trails at city parks, playground equipment and other non-essential activities remain off-limits amid the city's mandatory "Shelter in Place" order.

"We've taken down basketball hoops, tennis nets and put protective wrapping around playground equipment and picnic benches just as an effort to say, if you're going to use the park at all, use social distancing practices," Standriff said.

City leaders say they will continue to reevaluate the ever-changing situation, but predict a decision to fully re-open parks is likely at least a couple of weeks away.
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