Homeland Security agents help Fresno authorities fight gang activity

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Homeland Security Investigations agents assisted Fresno Police in the arrest of Zyad Alsaid for the stabbing death of a man outside the Turning Point Rehab Center.

HSI falls under the ICE umbrella, but Assistant Special Agent in Charge Jeff Brannigan says the 20 local agents typically aren't involved in immigration raids.

"Often we are assumed to be involved in immigration enforcement, administrative immigration enforcement," he said. "But HSI's responsibility and our mission is the investigation of transnational organized crime."

Brannigan recently moved to the Valley. He says Valley gangs keep agents busy as they investigate child exploitation and drug trafficking cases which often go with the territory.

Agents work with other federal, local and state officers in trying to trace a money trail.

"We're responsible for investigating international organized crime with particular focus on smuggling and money laundering operations," Brannigan said. "We investigate international drug smuggling, human trafficking."

But public safety is their priority.

Homeland Security Investigations agents also assisted Newman Police and the Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department in tracking the man who killed Officer Ronil Singh.

Homeland Security Investigations agents aren't typically involved in immigration raids, but they could be called into to assist ICE agents.
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