Fresno County judge releases child predator from jail against objections of the victim's father

A Fresno County judge released a child predator from jail Wednesday against the objections of the victim's father.

43-year-old Hugo Rabson received three years probation but it's not enough for the dad who made the citizen's arrest after catching him sexting his 14-year-old daughter.

Hugo Rabson didn't want to chat about his new status as a child predator as he left the Fresno County Jail.

But the father who caught him sexting his 14-year-old daughter had quite a few grievances to air.

"A monster is getting set free today, unfortunately," said the victim's father Todd Thomas.

You can see Thomas confronting Rabson in this now viral video.

The father says the man gave his daughter a cell phone and sent her inappropriate messages asking for nudes while calling himself Sugar Daddy.

"How do I tell the next dad, trust the system. The system will do right," said Thomas. "My partner that helped me arrest Hugo when we were in the park that did the videotaping, he's dealing with it right now."

Thomas is infuriated because Rabson was only sentenced to three years probation and time served.

"We've got tons of victim-less people locked up in prison right now," Thomas exclaimed. "And this guy has a whole family of victims. I've got a huge family and we've all felt the pain from this. And this guy is going to get probation."

Thomas is consoled by the fact Rabson now has to register as a sex offender.

"He will not be able to work as a social worker with children like he was going to school for, which is a huge win," Thomas said.

That job is no longer a possibility.

For Thomas, that means less possible victims.
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