Good Sports: Josh Allen, Bills Mafia raise $100,000 for Firebaugh High School

FIREBAUGH, Calif. (KFSN) -- Josh Allen has played his way into becoming one of the most electrifying players in the National Football League.

It doesn't matter if he's firing lasers downfield for a touchdown or hurdling would tacklers for a first down -- it seems everything the Firebaugh native does these days turns to gold and that includes helping his hometown high school.

The Buffalo Bills quarterback was seen wearing a throwback Firebaugh Eagles hoodie before a recent game against the Texans.

That quick shot of him in the grey sweatshirt started a frenzy on social media with Bills fans -- affectionately known as the Bills Mafia -- asking where they could find one.

Soon, calls from all over Western New York started pouring into the school. The problem was Firebaugh High didn't make the hoodie anymore.

"It's actually a very old logo. If it even was a school logo, we still don't really remember it being a logo. We had no idea he was going to wear it all and so it kind of took us by surprise all the attention we got from it," said Firebaugh High Athletic Director Kacey Jones.

The school teamed up with the NFL franchise to distribute the hoodie on the Bills website. Fans raised over $90,000 for Firebaugh High through the one-week limited sale.

Josh Allen himself chipped in the rest to make it an even $100,000. The money will be reinvested into the school and students.

"We know he's from here, he loves supporting us and we're so thankful for that but we never thought it would directly affect us as a school, so it's pretty exciting," Jones said.

And it's not just the school that's benefited from Allen's dynamics on the gridiron. Mayor Pro Tem Brady Jenkins says the entire community is just so proud of Firebaugh High's first-ever NFL player.

"I'm super, super stoked. He's always been a great kid. I got to coach him a couple of years in football and four or five years in swim for the Firebaugh area swim team. The whole family is great. It's pretty exciting, it's a big deal," Jenkins said.
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