Dine and Dish: Jus' Jo's Country Kitchen in Clovis

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Friday, March 29, 2024
Dine and Dish: Jus' Jo's Country Kitchen in Clovis
Jus' Jo's at Shaw and Willow in Clovis is a small spot with a big following.

CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) -- Jus' Jo's at Shaw and Willow in Clovis is a small spot with a big following.

The owner put me at a table full of food that could feed an army.

"But these are the big hitters. This is where mom and dad come when they want to take the kids and have a good, heavy breakfast," owner Angie Paul said.

Baker Kari Darnell can make 400 cinnamon rolls a day.

"They are piping hot out of the oven and first come, first served. When they're gone they're gone," Darnell said. "It is a labor of love. Start really early in the morning because we make everything from scratch."

Diners love the spicy tri-tip omelet. Bacon, sausage and eggs go into several dishes.

"This is what we call our Mad Hatter sandwich. It has a sauteed jalapeno in the egg," Paul said.

Jus' Jo's now has brilliant mini waffles that are used as appetizers. Red velvet with strawberries and honey chicken are among the choices.

"As you can see, we are one of the smallest restaurants in Clovis and we have probably the largest menu," Paul said.

You have vegetarian options but the Farmhouse Bowl comes with ham, sausage, bacon plus avocado and spinach.

"That's for my people who are trying to get away from the biscuits and gravy, get away from the bread," Paul said.

But biscuits and gravy remain popular.

"We are known for our portions," Paul said. "That's is my Sweetie's double stacker. It is a full pound of hamburger meat, onion rings. I get a lot of my Fresno State football players come in here. Okay."

The pork chops remains the number one selling dish but some folks like to start their day with a ribeye.

"That is a 12 ounce choice upper prime sirloin and it comes with your choice of potatoes and eggs," Paul said.

Paul and Darnell got into the restaurant business when Angie's mom Jean talked of retiring but she still runs the register.

"We were the best kept secret in town for 20 years but I think the secret's out," Paul said. "This is our steak low carb and we also offer the chicken breast low carb.

Consistency here has been key.

"My secret to my success is my staff. They're my family. We've worked together for ten years and we hope to keep growing Jus' Jo's," Paul said.

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