Investigators in Kings County need the publics help identifying a body

KINGS COUNTY (KFSN) -- Kings County investigators need help identifying a body. They've reached out to a national organization to help them figure out what she might have looked like.

Kings County Sheriff Dave Robinson is hoping someone knows her. Her body was found wrapped in a tarp in a remote area of Kings County in may. "There was no trauma to the body to indicate that this was some type of violent homicide," said Robinson.

That means they don't know a cause of death and she was so badly decomposed so there was no way to identify her. "I knew right away it was going to be tough because she was pretty much skeletal," said Detective Sam Weimer

Weimer has been trying to figure out who Jane Doe is since the beginning. They reached out to a national organization, Can You Identify Me? and they spent a weekend sketching and recreating what they think Jane looked like. "These kinds of cases are tough because, I mean, because its kind of rare, especially in Kings County, to get victims that we can't identify-- we can't reunite them with their family," said Weimer.

The sheriff's office thinks Jane may have died on her own and a family member dumped her body to continue collecting money.

An anthropologist said Jane is possibly over 60 and had osteoporosis. They also believe she was bed-ridden. "Me, looking at the picture-- she looks sad, I don't think she was happy," said Weimer

So if you recognize her call the sheriff's office and help her rest in peace.
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