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One in five kids in the San Joaquin Valley has asthma

The Central California Asthma Collaborative is providing education and direct services to improve health through the prevention and management of asthma. CCAC wants to reduce the burden of asthma and other respiratory conditions in the San Joaquin Valley. It promotes asthma prevention and management.

Asthma is one of the most common chronic diseases among children in the U.S. and a leading cause of hospitalizations and absences from school.

Childhood asthma prevalence has been on the rise generally. Asthma rates vary by region depending on many factors, such as demographics, socioeconomics, the environment, physician diagnostic practices, and access to care.

Many residents live in Fresno County whom suffer from asthma and respiratory problems.

Asthma hospitalization rates are higher for the youngest children, under 4-years-old. Nationwide, more than 2 million Latinos currently suffer from asthma symptoms.

Some 91 percent of Latinos in the United States live in metropolitan areas, where polluted air may increase the risk of illnesses including asthma and cancer. Many Latinos face increased exposure to environmental health risks because of the polluted areas in which they live and work.

Farming operations, agricultural burning, pesticide chemical and fertilizer exposure can all contribute to respiratory problems and asthma. Fresno County has over 23 percent asthma prevalence, of that 17 percent are Latinos.

CCAC is partnering up with the San Joaquin River Parkway and Conservation Trust for the 5K Asthma Bubble Walk to raise awareness. This year's event will be held at the River Center located on Old Friant Road and will also include the River Parkway's Spring Festival and Food Truck event.

Ninu Sixay from CCAC and Sara Parkes from the San Joaquin River Parkway and Conservation Trust chat with Graciela Moreno about the cause and the events.

5k Asthma Bubble Walk
Sunday, May 1
San Joaquin River Center
(559) 493-5734

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Fresno State trying to improve graduation rates

April is National Donate Life Month

There are 122,000 people awaiting a life-saving organ transplant nationwide, of which 10,600 reside in northern California and Nevada. 22 people will die today waiting for a transplant.

There are 22,000 people waiting for a life-saving organ transplant in California, 9,400 are Latinos. With 40 percent, Latinos represent the largest ethnic group represented on the wait list
In Fresno, 1,000 people are on waiting list for an organ transplant. German Amezcua lost his son, Sebastian in a car accident. The family decided to donate his organs. German talks about the decision and the impact it has had on their lives.

Host Graciela Moreno interviews German and Ricardo Elizondo from Donor Network West about the need to increase registration to be an organ, eye or tissue donor.

Get more information at: or call (925) 480-3104.

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Fresno State honors the late farmworker's rights leader Cesar Chavez

A look at the 50th Anniversary of the farm worker march from Delano to Sacramento

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A school in Southeast Fresno is embracing the diversity of the Central Valley through dance
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