Man who inspired three strikes law sentenced to life in prison for most recent act of violence

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A Fresno man is going to prison for life under the Three Strikes law he inspired after a 1992 murder case.

Douglas Walker was an accomplice in a robbery that led to the death of Kimber Reynolds, but he dodged a murder conviction with a plea deal, which drove Mike Reynolds to help create Three Strikes - imposing life sentences for criminals convicted of three serious, violent felonies.

26 years later, the law paved the way for Walker to spend the rest of his life in prison. 18-year-old Kimber Reynolds died in an armed robbery in Fresno's Tower District in 1992.

Police killed the actual gunman. His accomplice was Douglas Walker, and even after he avoided life in prison for Kimber's death, prison seemed like a magnet for him.

"Since the date of December 1992, Mr. Walker has been in and out of prison custody," said prosecutor Kelly Smith. "The longest time he has had free of prison is approximately two years."

While seven parole violations and another felony kept Walker going back, Kimber's father helped write the Three Strikes law with Walker in mind.

After his last release in November 2013, an Action News reporter tried to ask him if the community could feel safe, but he didn't want to talk. 106 days later, police arrested him for beating up a girlfriend.

Even after a conviction, his attorney was questioning the evidence of violence.

"The witness testified that she saw the victim and Mr. Walker together and it looked like she had her face hanging down," said defense attorney Eric Green. "What does that mean?"

But Judge Kent Hamlin found him guilty of domestic violence -- and three counts of dissuading a witness, all of which are brand new strikes. And Monday, the judge used the Three Strikes law to send Walker to prison for life.

"Mr. Walker's made it clear that he has serious difficulties conforming to the expectations of the community," Judge Hamlin said. "He's made it clear that when given an opportunity he will continue to not live a law-abiding life and continue to put others at risk."

Mike Reynolds has mostly stayed away from this Walker case, but he told Action News he thinks Fresno is a safer place with Walker serving a life sentence.