No charges against Fresno City Council president Miguel Arias over confrontation with protesters: DA

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The Fresno County District Attorney's Office has declined to file charges against Fresno City Council President Miguel Arias for a confrontation with protesters at his home.

"The prosecution cannot disprove that Mr. Arias used reasonable force to eject trespassers from the private residential property. As a result, battery charges will not be filed in this case," the office said in a statement.

The incident occurred on the afternoon of May 12, when a group of about 15 protesters went to the downtown Fresno condominium of Arias.

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The situation quickly escalated, and one protester said Arias grabbed him by the arms and tried to throw him down the stairs.

Arias says he moved them out of the way when they refused to leave his home.

Video shot by one of the protesters shows Arias physically placing his hands on a man in a black shirt at the top of his staircase.

Seconds later, the video clip shows Arias shoving another man who was standing on the staircase that led to his home.

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The protesters insisted that Arias be cited for three counts of battery after a citizen's arrest.
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