17-year-old gang member arrested for shooting at Millerton Lake, deputies say

FRESNO COUNTY, Calif. (KFSN) -- On Monday, the Fresno County Sheriff's Office dive team, deputies and detectives searched for more evidence in the double shooting Sunday evening at Millerton Lake.

As families were enjoying the water and recreation area, gunfire broke out following an argument at the Crows Nest Boat Ramp.

Investigators believe a 17-year-old gang member shot a 31-year-old gang member and accidentally wounded a girl who was with the suspect.

"These two were actually in argument," says Tony Botti. "The one shot at the other and it turns out the girl may be a friend of the shooter. She tried to get in, break it up and got caught in the cross-fire and got injured as well."

The sheriff's office says they very rarely get called for disturbances like this, however one woman who lives nearby says crime has become a concern.

"No, I was not surprised at all that any of this happened because we deal with it almost on a weekly basis," says Dawn Irving.

Irving lives in homes off of Sky Harbour Road near Millerton Lake.

She established the Sky Harbour Neighborhood Watch group.

She says they've noticed an increase in gang activity and she's worried for the safety of her community.

According to Supervising Ranger Steve Barber from California Dept. of Parks & Recreation, there are currently five peace officers assigned to Millerton Lake.

Botti says two deputies also regularly patrol from the Prather/Auberry area to Friant.

However, Irving is pushing for more.

"We put up with the inconvenience of living there because that's the kind of life we want," she said. "We want a quiet life and it's not quiet anymore. I mean every day, it seems like there's something going on."

"We take those calls regularly, we work with CHP to try and address that and we'll just do the best we can," Botti said. "We just ask for them to be great partners with us, be patient, and we're going to do our best in order to keep your community safe."

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